Ina Fried

With net neutrality gone and mergers galore, it's a new internet

The dissolution of net neutrality regulations and the AT&T/Time Warner decision could shape the internet for years to come. 

Commissioner Clyburn keeps up the fight as she nears end of FCC tenure

Commissioner Mignon Clyburn of the Federal Communications Commission says every route should be pursued to restore network neutrality rules, from the courts to Congress.

Everyone says they'll be first with 5G

When it comes to the four major carriers, everyone says they are going to be first with 5G. It's always a race to be first with a new generation of technology (and to claim being first, which isn't always the same thing.) The stakes are extra high

Unlike most of the tech industry, the four telecom giants have been silent on Trump’s travel ban

While the tech industry as a whole started speaking out against President Donald Trump’s travel ban over the weekend, one segment has been noticeably silent: The big telecommunication firms.

For the sake of national security, Donald Trump needs to trade in his cellphone

As president-elect, Donald Trump has continued to use his Android device as his primary means for both keeping in touch with associates and expressing his displeasure with news outlets and “Saturday Night Live.” But experts say that, as president,

Apple confirmed it’s putting $1 billion into the SoftBank fund that Donald Trump loves

Apple is indeed investing some of its cash in a SoftBank fund that has won praise from President-elect Donald Trump for promising to put $50 billion into US tech companies.

After failing to strike a new deal, Nokia is suing Apple for patent infringement

After failing to strike a new deal with Apple, Nokia is suing the iPhone maker for patent infringement in both Germany and the US.

A new flaw puts nearly a billion phones at risk and shows Android security is still a patchwork mess

Another big security flaw in Android highlights just how messed up the Google ecosystem still is when it comes to security. This one, known as Quadrooter, was disclosed in recent days by security software maker Check Point.

Verizon Begins Slow Path to Routing Calls over LTE (And Why That Even Matters)

Verizon is announcing that it is nearly ready to offer nationwide calling over its LTE network, but the reality is this is just the start of a long process.

T-Mobile Says It’s Not Planning to Throttle Unlimited Customers

T-Mobile clarified that it has no plans to broadly throttle its unlimited data customers, but is reaching out to a small number of customers using the service in violation of company policies.