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FCC Revises Broadband Data Collection Order

The Federal Communications Commission released a Report and Order, adopted in March, meant to expand and improve broadband data collection. FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said, "The Commission is finally launching an effort to collect more granular data on broadband deployment in this country. As I said in March when we approved the broadband data collection Order, it is essential that the Commission be able to distinguish between residential and business broadband connections. Unfortunately, the Commission declined at that time to do so. I'm pleased that the Commission has reconsidered its position and will now require that the data provided identify the extent to which the broadband service is residential rather than business." Commissioner Adelstein added, "Earlier this year, the Commission took an important step by responding to the chorus of voices asking us to collect more accurate and reliable data about broadband deployment. This Commission's new data gathering effort will lay the foundation for developing effective broadband policies. I've long said that a key component of this new broadband data program must include collecting more granular data that enables us to determine who is participating in the broadband revolution and who is not. Though we made important strides toward a more localized understanding of broadband deployment in our March 2008 Order, this Reconsideration Order takes a critical additional step. In fact, without this fundamental change, the usefulness of the improvements we made in March would have been severely compromised. By now distinguishing between residential and business customers at a more granular level, we will be much better positioned to understand the factors that affect broadband adoption. So, I thank the Chairman and my fellow Commissioners for their willingness to address this concern and look forward to the swift implementation of the new data collection program."



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