ISPs Have Asked the Senate to Limit Funds for Rural Internet

The Senate agriculture committee is considering Farm Bill proposals that would make it harder for rural communities to get funding for internet and favors Big Telecom.

24 Million Americans Don't Have Access to Broadband—Why Isn't It an Election Issue?

Few candidates, from local mayoral races all the way up to the Senate, provide lip service to the fact that millions of Americans still lack access to broadband, and even fewer flesh out a robust policy to address it.

The FCC Wants $200 to Release Emails About Ajit Pai's Giant Reese's Mug

The Federal Communication Commission wants more than $200 to release e-mails related to Chairman Ajit Pai’s novelty, oversized coffee mug under the Freedom of Information Act.  The mug gained mild notoriety after Chairman Pai was photographed with