AT&T and Verizon want to manage your identity across websites and apps

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile US, and Sprint unveiled a system that would let them manage your logins across third-party websites and apps.

More than 4,300 Arkansas residents lose Medicaid under work requirements. The Digital Divide played a roll

Several thousand poor residents of Arkansas have been dropped from Medicaid because they failed to meet new requirements, the first Americans to lose the safety-net health insurance under rules compelling recipients to work or prepare for a job to

In Vermont, Chairman Pai says states can't regulate internet providers

In a surprise trip to Vermont to tout rural broadband access, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said that states can't impose their own rules to protect network neutrality.

UK's surveillance system revealed by Snowden violated human rights, court rules

The United Kingdom's Government Communications Headquarters' (GCHQ’s) methods in carrying out bulk interception of online communications violated privacy and failed to provide sufficient surveillance safeguards, the European court of human rights

Why Being First in 5G Matters

While wireless-industry executives say applications that tap the full potential of 5G—self-driving cars, virtual reality and remote surgery—are several years away, leading the way does matter for a country’s economy, if the race to 4G is a guide.

Google draws conservatives' ire after a leaked 2016 video on Breitbart shows company executives consoling employees after Trump victory

A leaked video of Google executives trying to console employees who were upset after the election of President Trump has infuriated conservatives, who say the remarks illustrate the search giant's political bias and should prompt

President Trump issues new order authorizing additional sanctions for interfering in upcoming US elections

President Donald Trump issued a new order authorizing additional sanctions against countries or individuals for interfering in upcoming US elections, but lawmakers of both parties immediately said the effort does not go far enough.

House Majority Leader McCarthy: Google 'controlling the internet' in a way that hurts conservatives

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed Google as part of his ongoing criticism of the company's alleged bias against conservatives, mentioning its work with China, its search results accidentally showing one of the ideologies of the C

Internet Association backs 'national' data privacy approach

The Internet Association, a group representing more than 40 major internet and technology firms including Facebook, Amazon, and Alphabet, said it backed modernizing US data privacy rules but wants a national approach that would preempt CA's new re

Microsoft Lays Out Cross-Border Data Access Principles

Microsoft is calling on governments to follow a set of principles for cross-border data access policies, including independent judicial review and dispute resolution mechanisms. Microsoft’s Sept.