President Trump’s business advisory councils disband as CEOs abandon president over Charlottesville views

President Donald Trump’s relationship with the American business community suffered a major setback Aug 16 as the president was forced to shut down his major business advisory councils after corporate leaders repudiated his comments on the violenc

President Trump’s remarks defending neo-Nazis were full of right-wing media talking points

President Donald Trump parroted multiple right-wing media talking points during a press conference as he responded to questions about deadly white supremacist violence in Charlottesville (VA).

Lifeline Connects Coalition Discusses Lifeline Reform Issues

The Lifeline Connects Coalition met with Federal Communications Commission Wireline Competition Bureau staff on August 10, 2017 to discuss the Lifeline National Eligibility Verifier.

Verizon -- Yes, Verizon -- Just Stood Up for Your Privacy

Fourteen of the biggest US tech companies filed a brief with the Supreme Court on Aug 14 supporting more rigorous warrant requirements for law enforcement seeking certain cell phone data, such as location information.

New Media and the Messy Nature of Reporting on the Alt-Right

The question of how to cover the alt-right and its leaders has long been a complicated one.

Protests against Google are postponed as culture wars roil Silicon Valley

Plans to protest outside Google’s offices this weekend have been postponed, but conservatives are taking America’s culture wars directly to Silicon Valley, a place that was long insulated from political rancor but is now one of the most important

President Trump vs. Amazon: So much for the businessman president

President Donald Trump fashions himself as a CEO president. But he's feuding with one of America's most famous, most respected and wealthiest business leaders -- Amazon's Jeff Bezos -- mainly because the company is so successful.

Waiting on Redl

The Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration still lacks official leadership in the Trump administration, following Senate difficulties to advance even a committee vote earlier in August on NTIA administrato

Hope Hicks to serve as interim White House communications director

Longtime aide to President Donald Trump Hope Hicks will take over the role as interim director of communications while the West Wing looks for someone to fill the position permanently.

Lawsuit over false online data revived after US top court review

A federal appeals court revived a California man's lawsuit accusing Spokeo of publishing an online profile about him that was filled with mistakes.