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A Vision for the 2020s: Access to Broadband in the Next Decade

Jonathan Sallet
Jonathan Sallet

American democracy, like any democracy, requires the freedom to speak. But American democracy has always recognized the corollary: the strength of speech rests on access to communications networks. From the Post Office, to the telegraph, the telephone, and broadband, governmental action of various stripes has helped connect Americans to each other.

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In Telehealth, Marketing Works

Craig Settles

Effective, well thought-out, multi-faceted marketing can make your community broadband network more money and can cost less than sales teams alone. When Marketing work in conjunction with Sales, the network does better financially in the short- and long-term. Let’s use telehealth as an example.


Sinclair, the FCC and Things Going Wrong—But for How Long?

Talk about a curveball. Last week, FCC Chairman Pai struck a potentially fatal blow to a deal that President Trump favored, the proposed merger of Sinclair Broadcasting and Tribune Media.

If it had gone through, the deal would have had a major adverse impact on future election cycles, making Sinclair the king of the hill with unfettered capabilities to control political advertising and messages across all of its stations.


The Secret to Smart Policies About Smart Cities

Remarks of

Blair Levin

Brookings Metropolitan Project

at the

Next Century Cities Conference

Pittsburgh, PA

July 25, 2018



I want to talk about the secret to smart policies about smart cities.