Michael Grynbaum

President Trump, the Television President, Expands His Cast

The television pundit Larry Kudlow, best known for his patter on CNBC, was named as President Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser.

New Foils for the Right: Google and Facebook

Conservatives are zeroing in on a new enemy in the political culture wars: Big Tech. 

As Conservatives Gather, Anger at the News Media Runs Deep

The Conservative Political Action Conference is usually a moment to hammer out what divides the fractious conservative movement.

Fox News Plans a Streaming Service for ‘Superfans’

Thanks to a relentless news cycle — and a dedicated fan in the Oval Office — Fox News has defied the downward trends in the television business, notching its highest-rated year in 2017 even as audiences dwindled for many networks.

In Age of Trump, Political Reporters Are in Demand and Under Attack

Since President Donald Trump took office a year ago, the political press has endured a sustained assault from a chief executive who has called journalists “the enemy of the American people.” Yet the news media has also driven decisions inside the

President Trump Hands Out ‘Fake News Awards'

President  Donald Trump — who gleefully questioned President Barack Obama’s birthplace for years without evidence, long insisted on the guilt of the Central Park Five despite exonerating proof and claimed that millions of illegal ballots cost him

Thiel Makes a Bid for Gawker.com, a Site He Helped Bankrupt

Peter Thiel, the technology billionaire, submitted a bid to purchase Gawker.com, the remaining unsold property from the Gawker Media gossip empire that was nearly destroyed in 2016 by a lawsuit largely bankrolled by Thiel.

President Trump Renews Pledge to ‘Take a Strong Look’ at Libel Laws

President Donald Trump repeated a pledge to change the nation’s libel laws in a way that would make it easier for people to sue news organizations and publishers for defamation, another salvo from a president who has expressed hostility toward lon

President Trump and Russia Seem to Find Common Foe: The American Press

President Donald Trump attacked CNN International hours after President Vladimir Putin signed a law that requires certain American media outlets working in Russia to register with the government as foreign agents, essentially identifying them as h

Trump’s Urging That Comey Jail Reporters Denounced as an ‘Act of Intimidation’

During a private meeting in February with former-FBI Director James Comey, President Donald Trump floated a proposal that, even by the standards of a leader who routinely advertises his disdain for the news media, brought editors and reporters up