Harry Jessell

Ownership Cap Shouldn't Be Used As Shield

[Commentary] The affiliates want the Federal Communications Commission to impose a 39 percent ownership cap on the networks to keep the networks’ power in check.

Sinclair Creating Bad Optics For FCC Chairman Pai

[Commentary] Sinclair’s behavior in trying to merge with Tribune is doing it — and the entire broadcasting industry — no favors.

End Discriminatory Regulations Against Broadcast

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission's tentative $13.4 million fine against Sinclair for allegedly airing news programming that was paid for by a sponsor is just one more example of antiquated rules targeting broadcasting alone.

Sinclair + Tribune = Transformative Force

With Tribune, Sinclair goes from a large collection of TV stations to a national broadcasting platform with ambitions that go far beyond those of the Big Four networks.

Lessons Learned from the Trump Campaign

[Commentary] There is unlikely to be another presidential campaign like the one that made Donald Trump our 45th president last year.

Is TV News ‘The Enemy?’ Don’t Ask FCC Chairman Pai

[Commentary] Well, that was a disappointment. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, who has set himself up as a champion of the First Amendment, failed to stand up for TV news at the Senate Commerce Committee hearing.

Rally Round The First Amendment

[Commentary] President Trump's attacks on the mainstream news media have not only energized them, but have prompted them to work together to plot a common strategy to preserve and expand their First Amendment rights and protections.

Sinclair May Be On The Wrong News Path

[Commentary] Sinclair is building a national TV news organization and there is a lot to like about that. Unfortunately, what's emerging is one with a conservative bent.

Wheeler's Auction: Promises Undelivered

[Commentary] Outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said the other day that the auction “delivered on its ambitious promise.” That’s quite a stretch by any measure.

Trump Deregulatory Fever Is Gripping the FCC

[Commentary] Whoever President-elect Donald Trump appoints to head the Federal Communications Commission, broadcasters figure they should be in much better shape than they have been with the outgoing Chairman Tom Wheeler, who provided no relief on